Child Protection and Access to Justice Programme

A UNICEF funded programme that seeks to provide a stand by response team comprising of experts in the area of disability. The standby support team consists of (sign language interpreters, braille experts etc) from 36 disability service organisations that assist the Victim Friendly , Civil and Criminal Courts stakeholders in handling people with disabilities during, investigations, trial and after trial proceedings. The team ensures that specialised and timely support is available to each of the VFC, Civil and Criminal Court as soon as a child with a disability is identified as a survivor, witness, alleged offender or other significant stakeholder with a right to participate in the justice process. The project is working in all the country’s 10 provinces. The programme works collaboratively with the Judicial Services Commission. This programme became operational in July 2012. To date the programme has assisted 60 children to access justice, the majority of who are survivors of abuse. Apart from that in partnership with the Judicial Services Commission, LCDZT completed the infrastructural adaptations at Rotten Row Magistrate’s Court where a ramp for wheel chair users was constructed at the inner and outer entrance as shown below.

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Creating Equal Opportunities for People with Disabilities in Zimbabwe


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