Health and Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy Unit-Residential Care Centre

In a holistic approach that encompasses direct assistance and community integration the programme works with children between 2 and 12 years of age and focuses on physiotherapy, skills for daily living training and facilitates corrective surgery. Generally, the programme strives to enable children living with disabilities to access the best treatment through individual rehabilitation programmes while fostering community integration and enhancing each child’s independence and self-worth. Independence creates conditions for children to attend school and the promotion of their welfare in general. For integration, the programme thrives on the involvement of parents and care givers, home visits and home environment monitoring. The programme will soon become the Health and Rehabilitation Department of the Disability Resource Centre. In terms of achievements of programme, at least 5 to 10 children are discharged back into the community every year because they will have been rehabilitated. About 4 of the children in residence are of school going age and who because of distance are unable to attend school in their home areas but are able to do so at LDCZT as there are schools that are within walking distance

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Creating Equal Opportunities for People with Disabilities in Zimbabwe


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