About us

Leonard Cheshire Disability Zimbabwe

Leonard Cheshire Disability Zimbabwe (LCDZ) (formerly known as Leonard Cheshire Homes Zimbabwe) is an experienced non-profit organization in disability inclusion. It takes a rights-based, holistic, gender-sensitive and disability inclusive- responsive programming. For more than 10 years, LCDZ has been championing high impact adaptive programmes that have shifted the approach to disability work in Zimbabwe. Our strengths remain at the grassroots.

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Orthopaedic Centre

Our Orthopedic Center in Westwood Harare continues to fabricate functional, good quality and comfortable prostheses, orthoses and surgical footwear for persons with physical disabilities that ensures optimum function.

our vision/goal

A society in which every person with a disability can enjoy their rights and have the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

LCDZ Donors

Creating equal opportunities for persons with disabilities in Zimbabwe by supporting them in their efforts to secure education, livelihoods, health and rehabilitation.

our mission

To enable children and youths with disabilities to improve their quality of life and to campaign for the removal of the barriers which hinder them