Fostering Inclusion and Empowering Exchange Students: Leonard Cheshire Disability Orthopaedic Center Hosts Students from Kenya and Zanzibar

As Leonard Cheshire Disability Orthopaedic Center we were delighted to welcome four exchange students from Kenya and Zanzibar to our workshop in Kambuzuma, Harare on the 17th of May 2023. They came to visit us as part of the Zimbabwe Parents Handicapped Children Association program, which aims to promote disability awareness and inclusion in Africa.

The students had a chance to see how we fabricate our prosthetic limbs and have a look at our other assistive devices for people with disabilities. They also interacted with highly trained staff, getting a chance to ask all their questions on the fabrication processes. They learnt about the challenges and opportunities that people with disabilities face in Zimbabwe and how we as an orthopedic center are trying to assist them.

We hope that this visit will inspire them to share their new-found knowledge and experience with their communities back home and to advocate for the rights and dignity of people with disabilities everywhere.

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